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Sunair Sunstar 22'- Projection 6' 8 

Item # Sunair Sunstar
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Sunair Sunstar 22'- Projection 6' 8

The Sunstar® Awning system is a retractable patio awning system built with quality components yet economy in mind. You will find the most important features available to retractable awnings in the Sunstar®.

Robust Lateral Arm Awning
• Die Cast aluminum elbow and shoulder components
• Double cable arm design
• 7:1/14:1 ratio worm gears are used for smooth operation
• Stop for 7:1 gear
• Forged upper arm attachment on 11'6; projection awnings
• Aluminum support and roller tube
• Powder coated components and extrusions
• Optional one-piece hood system.

Sunstar -Uses Elbows that are twin galvanized PVC coated cable.
Typically the competition uses a single cable. Most systems do not have this angle and the fabric rubs on the arms. Twin cables are far superior to a single cable, as cable wear is reduced, allowing better arm and fabric tension. The elliptical cable radius increases tension as the awning extends, and relaxes the cable as the awning is fully retracted. The angles help keep the fabric from dragging on the arms.

Sunchoice fabrics: Over a Hundred Acrylic PARA solid and striped fabric colors to choose from. You surely will find a fabric to suite your taste. Sometimes the competition uses vinyl or a non-acrylic fabric. Some companies use poor quality lighter thickness fabrics. Acrylic fabric is more attractive and breathes better than vinyl. Vinyl traps heat and will crack over time. Acrylic fiber is also resistant to fading and mildew and has a water repellant Teflon coating.

Sunchoice Profiles and Paint: All extrusions and components are exclusively made of aluminum. In addition, the Sunchoice® only offers electro-static powder coatings.
The competition often mixes aluminum and steel profiles to save on cost. Many competitors also say that they powder coat the components, but they actually wet-lacquer the extrusions to save on cost. Aluminum extrusions are strong, yet will not corrode over time like steel. This equates to a longer lasting awning. Powder coating is more attractive and holds up better against the elements, resisting cracking and peeling.

Sunchoice Thread: All fabrics are sewn with Tenara® thread. This thread is manufactured from GORE-Tex, and is clear and nearly invisible. The competition typically uses a synthetic thread. Often they will cut corners and use only a white thread which is very visible on the fabric. Tenara® thread is made of Teflon and will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements. The clear thread is nearly invisible on most fabric colors.

The Sunchoice® offers an optional aluminum hood to protect the fabric when the awning is in retracted position. Some manufacturers use a plastic hood, or a simple fabric flap that is supposed to cover the fabric. With the aluminum hood, your awning is always automatically covered when you retract it. You do not need to get on a ladder and reach up to cover the awning as you do with the fabric flap.

**** For Installation we recommend that you contact your local awning professional ****


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