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Save BIG on Sunair Retractable Awnings

EXPAND YOUR OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE…   A SUNAIR® Lateral Arm Awning offers the ideal solution for creating a comfortable outdoor environment the whole family can enjoy. Imagine staying cool on your deck, and protecting your family from the sun’s harmful rays. Finally you can enjoy cookouts and entertaining the way it is meant to be with a Sunair® Retractable Awning. Sunair offers three different models of our popular retractable patio awnings. We have a model to fit every need, taste, and pocket book.  The SUNAIR is the finest system on the market. Manufactured with pride in the USA. 

To find the perfect Sunsetter Retractable Awning, click on the ideal width you are looking for below:

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With over 25 years experience SUNAIR is an innovator in the retractable awning industry. We have engineered the most durable yet flexible awning system on the market using the strongest materials and most sophisticated arm design. Our comittment to quality is unsurpassed. Only the finest materials and workmanship are used to produce an awning superior in quality and strength. The SUNAIR'S strength comes from the use of forged aluminum components. This is the most advanced technology available to retractable awnings and patio covers today. Our competition uses die-casted or vacuum injection castings. Forging our parts is slightly more expensive but is well worth it knowing we are delivering a product superior in strength and consistency. The maximum 13 ft projection arm awnings can now be made with a continuous safety margin.

With a SUNAIR retractable awning you can have sun when you want it or shade when you need it simply by extending or retracting the awning. With our awning you eliminate any unsightly poles or permanent frame work.
Reduce sunlight and glare through your windows by as much as 94%.

Reduce heat gain through your windows by as much as 77% At your command you can easily extend or retract your awning either at the push of a button or with the standard hand crank.

On cloudy days when you are not using the awning it stays retracted against the wall allowing light to penetrate unlike permanent fixed awnings which block light on dark gloomy days.

Unlike stationary awnings there is no need for seasonal take-down and re-installation. The awning stays retracted on the wall out of harms way. A Sunair retractable awning is practically maintenance free

As with other retractable awnings, the use quality fabrics ensures 99% UV-protection. At the same time, the interior furnishings of your home are given a reprieve from théír daily dose of sunburn! When you are feeling gloomy on a cloudy day, a retractable awning enables you to allow as much light as possible, into your home.

Sunair Awnings make use of 100% acrylic material. Sunair fabric are sourced from reputable weavers, and include the same material that has made Sunbrella Awnings such a prime player in the industry. These fabrics are less prone to trapping heat, than vinyl, and are more durable.

Even a detail such as the thread, has been chosen to maximize the lifespan of this custom window treatment. The teflon-based Tenara thread is tough on the elements, but gentle and almost invisible on the fabric used.

“What some people don’t realize is that in most homes, more cooling energy is lost through glass doors and windows than any other part of the house,” said Michelle Sahlin, managing director of PAMA. “Awnings are an effective way to reduce heat gain and prevent cooling energy loss in households. This benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the homeowner by saving them money on energy bills.”


*******  For Installation we recommend that you contact your local awning professional *******

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Sunchoice Retractable Awning
Sunchoice Retractable Awning
List Price: $1,704.00
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Sunair Retractable Awning
Sunair Retractable Awning
List Price: $1,818.25
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Suntube Retractable Awning
Suntube Retractable Awning
List Price: $2,376.71
Sale Price: $1,940.00
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