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Sunair Exterior Retractable Screens

Solar screens can be installed both on the exterior and interior applications. The benefit with exterior solar screens is that the fabric blocks the sun before it enters the home through the glass.An exterior solar shade can effectively block up to 90% of solar heat rays. You may therefore realize a potential reduction in air-conditioning costs by as much as 25% - 40%.Both interior and exterior solar screens reduce or eliminate sun glare while still keeping a view of the outside. All of our screen mesh fabrics cut down on solar glare, but some are more open than others. If reducing sun glare is important but also keeping the view, then the Mermet® 10% Natte is better suited for such applications.

Additional Benefits

Solar shades also cut down on interior fading of floors, carpets, and furniture.

Solar shades also give you daytime privacy in your home or office. Sunair also offers black out type fabrics that completely block all light. These fabrics are ideal for media rooms and where privacy is important.

Sunair offers fabrics from both Ferrari® and Mermet®. The Mermet® fabric is a woven fiberglass fabric. Since the fabric yarn is coated prior to weaving, you will have a significantly better visibility through this fabric than with standard woven polyester. Polyester fabrics are woven, and then coated.

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Mastershade SC2500 Exterior Screen
Mastershade SC2500 Exterior Screen
List Price: $490.66
Sale Price: $383.50
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