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Sunair Retractable Awnings On Sale!

NOTE:  Please inspect packages prior to signing for them.  DO NOT SIGN FOR THE PACKAGE IF IT HAS BEEN DAMAGED. Do not accept delivery of damaged product, it cannot be returned. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!! No Exceptions.

Why Retractable Awnings Are A Must

Retractable awnings are one of the best ways to start enjoying the outdoors no matter what the weather is like.  If you enjoy barbecuing with friends and family then it is the perfect addition to any home!  Even when not sitting outside under your retractable awning, the shade it produces will reduce the temperature in your home which saves you money on air conditioning!

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The Many Advantages Of Sunair Retractable Awnings

There must be a reason why most homeowners invest in quality awnings. Retractable awnings are long lasting and offer a new look to any home, office or commercial space. But that is not their only advantage; a retractable awning offers maximum protection from the sun and is anyday more advantageous than blinds or vertical drops. You can cover any outdoor space like the patio, deck, garden, terrace or parking lot with an awning that can be retracted manually or with a remote control using a motor. These retractable sunshades are used for the main purpose of shading from the sun. When used on a window or door, you are able to control the temperature within to a great extent. In fact, it is reported that you can reduce a room’s temperature by almost 75%. This means you can save a lot of money with little or need to run the air conditioning all day long!

Sunair Awnings Today!

Since today’s retractable awnings are motorized, you are able to fold them off when it is shady or at night giving you greater control over sun control than a fixed canopy ever offered. No doubt then, they are a great one time investment for a homeowner who is looking to extend his living space to the patio or the garden or simply control the sun filtering through the windows. But awnings are not merely limited to controlling the sun’s intensity; modern day models come with fabric that is touted to protect you from the harmful UV rays as well. In fact, the fabric for all kinds of Sunair retractable awnings has seen a big change over the years. Today you will find retractable awnings in all sorts of standard and customizable colors rather than the hideous green striped ones we found till some years back. Additionally, the fabric is more hygienic as well what with mildew and dust resistant properties making them perfect for all year long use. So, if you are looking to add some shade to the pool or build a garden picnic spot for the kids, your first choice must be one of the many retractable awnings available in the market today!


Why Should I Choose A Retractable Awning?

It is a wise choice to install an awning to your property. They look good, reduce the temperature within your house when mounted on windows and doors; allow you to extend your space to the patio or deck; and even allows you to get some sunshade near the pool or in the garden. With the constant innovation in the fabrics used for awnings, you are now able to get many more advantages off it including resistance to fading, mold, mildew, allergens and UV rays. This makes them more hygienic and safe to use than the awnings we found a few years ago. Even the choice in colors has now shifted from the boring green stripes to hundreds of standard and customizable shades. This allows any homeowner to effortlessly get an awning that matches with the color scheme of the rest of the house. The big debate that still remains though is the kind of awning one must install – is it better to opt for a fixed awning or should you rather go for the retractable awnings?

Retractable Awnings As An Investment!

With the fixed option, you can get more options in the frame including metal and wood. Most of the retractable awnings will be available in aluminum frames. However, the downside to a fixed sunshade is the fact that it requires construction that is irreversible and may even require a building permit. This is where the retractable patio awnings win hands down. They are affordable, do not require any building and can be easy mounted on a wall or can be vertical drops that do not even require lateral arms. With the option to get customized sizes in the retractable window or patio awnings, more and more people are opting for these as opposed to fixed canopies. There are manual awnings and retractable motorized awnings that operate at the touch of a button too. With a bigger budget, you can get wind or rain sensors installed on your awnings allowing them to automatically extend or fold up according to the atmospheric conditions. Before you make your choice, do a bit of online research about the different kinds of awning options including retractable awnings to be able to make an informed decision.


3 Main Retractable Awnings.

A retractable awning can easily make summers bearable and also offer you respite from the rains while offering privacy to areas like the balcony or the patio. You can get awnings retractable manually or with the help of a motor. Undoubtedly, the retractable motorized awnings are the best option since they can be operated with much ease, mostly with a single button on the remote control. The motor in this case is encased in the roller tube of the awning. Another great option is to install sensors on the awning which are capable of monitoring various atmospheric conditions and then extending or retracting awnings automatically. Basically, there are 4 kinds of sensors – light or sun sensors, rain sensors, wind sensors and motion sensors which monitors motions like gusts of wind. Depending on the kind of space you are hoping to cover, retractable awnings can be found in 3 broad styles.

Most Popular Retractable Awnings!

The most popular awnings for commercial buildings as well as homes remains the lateral arm retracting awning. In this retractable sunshade, you will find 2 or sometimes more arms together with the mounting bar and the front bar. This is also the biggest one extending to about 17’ without the need for any extra support. If you are looking to screen a gazebo, patio or any other area from the glare of the sun, mosquitoes, rain or allergens like pollen; you can choose the drop screen awnings. The retractable drop screen awnings do not have any arms since it is mounted vertically and simply drops down. This downward extension covers an outdoor space for you making it habitable even during rains or in the middle of the summer afternoon. Another popular kind of awnings is the dome shape which is perfect for use on windows and doors. Though commonly used in commercial properties, these are great for home use as well. The frames on these have curved ribs allowing the fabric to extend out in a dome shape. Due to this, the retractable dome awnings only extend to about 5’ from where they are mounted. You can opt for an elongated dome that could extend upto 10’. With this article, you are now able to make an informed decision when purchasing retractable awnings for your space.  Check out our Google+

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